Nicolite Electronic Cigarette: Should You Buy It?

Recently being sold by Tesco I thought it only right to review this electronic cigarette!

Electronic cigarettes are now the rage in many parts of world, which is quite understandable considering that real tobacco cigarettes have long been known to be quite harmful to people’s health. Tobacco smoking doesn’t just slowly kill the smoker, but it is also lethal for everyone around the smoker. The only problem with quitting is that no suitable replacement has yet been perfected—until e-cigarettes came along.

Smokers now have an absolutely viable alternative to smoking real tobacco cigarettes. There are numerous brands available out there, and one of the more popular ones is the Nicolite brand. It comes in either disposable or rechargeable models, and in both cases the nicotine taste provides a suitable alternative, as it tastes exactly like a real cigarette.

The Nicolite Disposable Electronic Cigarette

The disposable e-cig from Nicolite comes with the latest in superior technology and innovation. This has made it possible for the disposable Nicolite to be among the most affordable e-cigs on the market right now. A single disposable Nicolite provides the smoker with the nicotine effect of approximately 20 to 25 regular tobacco sticks, and it doesn’t need any recharging. Once the nicotine has been fully consumed, you can just discard the unit and begin with a new one.

Most e-cigs come in a basic but very effective design. The e-cig consists of a power source such as a battery, an atomizer, and then the cartridge which holds the e-liquid or liquid nicotine. However, Nicolite has made great strides in e-cig technology, and now the manufacturer has managed to combine the atomizer and the cartridge into a single part called the Nicolite cartomiser. This makes Nicolite e-cigs more efficient and more reliable, and it also makes the product a lot easier to use. Because of all these features, those who are considering switching from real tobacco cigarettes may find the Nicolite disposable e-cig an ideal alternative until they fully make the switch to e-cig by using a rechargeable model.


The Nicolite Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette

When you buy a rechargeable Nicolite e-cig kit, you’ll receive a battery, two cartomisers, and a USB charger that allows you to recharge from your computer.  Once you begin using your Nicolite kit, you’ll only need to replace the cartomisers once you are done with them. The cartomisers come in different nicotine levels from high (16mg) and medium (11mg) to low (6mg) and none (zero mg). Whatever nicotine level you prefer, you are guaranteed of health benefits as none of them gives you the tar found in regular cigarettes. In fact, you can gradually use increasing lesser levels of nicotine until you get used to not using nicotine at all. You can also smoke these units just about everywhere, as smoking regulations do not apply to water vapours.

Nicolite cartridges come in a variety of flavours, namely tobacco, menthol and cherry. The batteries are functional and reliable, and they last a fair amount of time. Additionally, the Nicolite Cartomisers provide a nice amount of vapour, and they are reasonably priced, too.


The Final Word

Though e-cigs in general are considered the safer means of getting your nicotine fix, they are so much more than that. In fact, you can gradually use lower levels of nicotine until you get used to not using nicotine at all.

Smoking addiction involves the entire smoking experience, so the smoker does not just get addicted to the effects and taste of nicotine, but he or she has also gotten used to the act of lighting up and puffing. So while nicotine patches and gums are great alternatives for those needing their nicotine fix, they are unable to replicate the act of smoking. In response to this, manufacturers created e-cigs to mimic all the associated actions of cigarette smoking. And as far as the taste goes, Nicolite is among the world’s best in producing the same exact taste as regular tobacco. And this is great news for cigarette smokers. This makes Nicolite the perfect choice for those who are somewhat hesitant in making the switch to a healthier alternative.

This seeming perfection has been a long time coming, since the founding of Nicolites Electronic Cigarette in 2007. The company’s first products were immediately lauded, as they were innovatively designed to offer a great alternative to regular tobacco smokers. Compared not just to regular cigarettes but also to other electronic cigarettes, the Nicolite offerings are already considered safer, healthier, and cleaner than average. These latest models are simply a refinement of the standards that Nicolite has come to embody.

There are far better electronic cigarettes available, and very surprised that Tesco has choosen such a weak performer. This maybe to do with the contract that they acheived, remember its always profit first! To see which are the best, take a look at our homepage with our top ten list!

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