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To make it easy for you we have included a Sky Cigs video review, here you can see exactly what you get in the starter kit, and a demo of how much vapor the electronic cigarette produces. Remember, if you decide to choose Sky Cigs, then you must use our Sky Cig Coupon code to get another 10% off your purchase:

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Sky Cigs site


Enjoy our video on the Sky Cig Review:

The Sky Cigs Review Results

Amount of Vapor:

The amount of vapor from the Sky Cigs electronic cigarette is great, when I first opened the product and saw how small the battery was I became a little concerned to the amount of puch the battery would have on the atomizer, but the sky cig seems to deliver, pleasantly surprised with the amount of vapor and thus give the Sky Cig  a 5/5 score.

Quality of Vapor and Flavor

With the standard starter kits, we ordered the sampler falvours, this gives me a chance to test all the ranges that Sky Cig have to offer.  Again, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the range of flavours, I would recommend getting the sampler set, and trying each one for a day, to see which suits you the best. We give the flavours full marks 5/5


Sky Cigs have obviously worked hard on thier product and its certainly paid off, the battery is great, I can’t get over the size and the performance it has, it can last a number of days on a single charge. There is no sign of age as we continue to charge the battery on a daily routine. Without doubt the Sky Cigs battery scores an impressive 5/5.

Customer Service

The customer services team at Sky Cigs were more than helpful, and very pleasant with my dealings. No faults with Sky Cigs customer service and therefore scores another great 5/5

Price Vs Quality

Overall the Sky Cigs Electronic Cigarette is a great product on the market, and only available in the UK.  It is almost half the price of the other electronic cigarettes, and recommend that UK customers try this product first, before going with another US brand.

If you would like to buy the Sky Cigs electronic cigarette then please visit their site by clicking the button below:

becigs – Coupon – Gives you 10% off all orders

Sky Cigs site


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